Ms. Tracy McShane - Student Counsellor

Having successfully completed her High School at Leighton Park, She is currently pursuing her Australian Diploma after which she intends on obtaining her Australian Degree.

She not only excelled in her studies but also demonstrated leadership qualities and team spirit in sports. Due to her excellent time management and organizational skills Tracy was able to do engage in a variety of sports and at the same time manage her studies.

As a result of her friendly and caring nature she is approachable and a student or parent will feel comfortable to discuss their concerns regarding the future of their son / daughters higher education with Tracy and be able to obtain the valuable guidance they are seeking from her.

Since she is young and a Role Model Student, Tracy will be able to empathize with a potential student and be able to understand their Psyche and give that personal touch when counseling in regards to their higher education and futur

For further information and a personalized counseling, contact Tracy on 0772278727 or e-mail her at